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The Leaderboard across games currently stands as...

Joint 1st: Viv Savage and Jordan Mann-Hunter

2nd: Ashley Sugar

Joint 3rd: Leslie Weedle and Stevie Kidder

All can change at any moment.

Will you win THIS IS REALITY 2000?

Emma's group playing THIS IS REALITY 2000

Emma's group

Household politics took on a new meaning yesterday evening with frequent ideological skirmishes between those looking out for the everyone’s interests and those with a more libertarian philosophy... HouseMaster worried that a partisan rift threatened to destabilise the house.

The team games did little to reduce the factional atmosphere, with Frankie Peacock’s CHANGLES defeating Sasha Fortune’s THE GUIDING LIGHT by some distance.

Emotions began to settle once Jude revealed a change of heart and urged reconciliation, Charlie offered to be a little less strident in his unpopular views and Sasha eased of the provocative predictions. Housemates, as model citizens of the year 2000, found some middle ground, healed their divisions and brought some peace to the house.

Jordan Mann-Hunter came away as the deserving victor, giving an evocative - if slightly plagiarised - winner's speech.

Uni of Bolton playing THIS IS REALITY 2000

Uni of Bolton

The Uni of Bolton house was a smorgasbord of clashing reality TV personalities.

Frankie just wanted to party, Jude Fuddy encouraged existential reflection, while Sasha Fortune was happy to let the spirits decide.

In the team games, Sasha Fortune’s BF4L just edged it with 17 points over Charlie Forbes’ Team Grand Thatcher who scored 14.

The losers did not too take too kindly to this outcome, with arguments erupting as a result.

The house was reunited by their eventual winner, Leslie Weedle, who won the hearts of the house - and the nation - with her touching victory speech.

Flavia's group playing THIS IS REALITY 2000

Flavia's group

The passive aggression was off the scale as housemates tore chunks out of each other left, right and centre. Even the more laid back housemates weren’t afraid to launch a sly dig whenever the chance presented itself.

Unsurprisingly, Viv found herself at the centre of most of the animosity. Sasha raised suspicions with her left-field predictions, and, try-as-he-might, Stevie’s attempts to keep spirits up did little to lower the tensions.

But HouseMates eventually settled their differences as the outsider voices had their say and peaceful equilibrium was finally found… just.

Scores were tight, with both Leslie’s Puppy Love and Sasha’s RAWR scoring 21 points apiece, but the latter took the prize, having gained the higher score in the Y2K quiz.

Leslie Weedle was the consistent house favourite and maintained his popularity until the very end, emerging as final winner!

Rachael's group playing THIS IS REALITY 2000

Rachael's group

It was 15 days of secret pacts, clashing egos and confusing accents in last night’s house. At some point or other, almost every housemate looked close to cracking under the pressure as life in isolation from the outside world began to take its toll…

Vivacious Viv ruffled plenty of feathers, Leslie Weedle brown-nosed her way into good favour, and Charlie Forbes had plenty to say about his ‘common’ companions.

In the team games, Frankie Peacock’s BBBH couldn’t quite get the points to defeat Stevie Kidder's Team UKnight, who won by a whisker with 19 points overall.

Jordan Mann-Hunter certainly made an impression: the most marmite of Housemates, she was voted ‘Housemate we love to hate’ AND the much coveted Favourite Housemate award, ensuring she won the crown along with the £10,000 prize money*

*May be fictional

Rosie's group playing THIS IS REALITY 2000

Rosie's group

Life in the house started a little bumpily in the opening days: Sasha made some troubling observations about the mix of auras, flirty Frankie set pulses racing with some cutting edge yoof-slang, and Nicky wrestled with some unfortunate technical issues… or was it just a ploy to gain sympathy?

In the team games, Jordan’s Cupcake Honeyz defeated Frankie’s Lavish Lions by the tightest of margins, with both teams scoring 19 points. But the Honeyz's higher quiz score meant they took the prize before concocting a suitably confection themed forfeit for the losers.

Ashley Sugar recovered from some heavy emotional knocks to find her independence and finish as undisputed winner. Congratulations, Ashley!

"Say You'll Be There" playing THIS IS REALITY 2000

Say You'll Be There

It was an X-rated house of fun and debauchery for the Say You’ll Be There gang.

After a chaotic start, housemates quickly got comfortable, and Jamie Petty’s request that it be a shoe-free house led to a few more layers being shed…

The house really came into their own during the Y2K Time Capsule challenge, pulling together an outstanding range of stylish and nostalgic memorabilia.

In the team games, the Sexy Pink Chihuahuas defeated Sasha Fortune’s Sex Panthers by three points before handing down a particularly raunchy forfeit to former leader, Ashley Sugar, and her adopted teammates.

But tears of sorrow quickly became tears of joy for Ashley, who won the popular vote by a landslide.

Exeter/WCP playing THIS IS REALITY 2000


It was a chaotic start in the WCP house, but once the housemates settled they managed to find some common ground and live in relative harmony... In the team games, both achieved respectable scores, but The Royal Sheffield Sledgehammers defeated Henry VIII’s Luxurious Murderers in the end.

In other news, Frankie’s flaunting got the house hot and steamy, Leslie Weedle overcame some initial tech problems to make his presence in the house felt, and there were some unsettling admissions regarding Sasha Fortune’s cats…

Eventually, it was Nicky Fowler who succeeded in her devious schemes, taking the final vote by a landslide to become most popular housemate and the overall winner!

Sarah's group playing THIS IS REALITY 2000

Sarah's group

It was 15 days in the House of Love for this amorous twelve.

Ashley and Leslie were joint at the hip from the off… until Ashley had an unexpected change of heart, Jordan and Frankie’s tempestuous dalliance threatened the good vibes in the house, while Nicky and Charlie’s coupling seemed more business than pleasure… but did the Lego Castle dream survive?

Team Peacock’s popularity scores meant they defeated Alex’s SCS (SUCCESS) in the group games, Sasha ruled the house with an iron fist as Deputy Housemaster, and Jamie Petty failed to enforce an unpopular fridge management policy.

In the end, there was one clear winner who shone from their opening costume reveal to their barnstorming winner’s speech - always telling it like it is, the unmistakable Viv Savage.

A Younger Theatre playing THIS IS REALITY 2000

A Younger Theatre

There was a genial atmosphere in A Younger Theatre’s house, but that doesn’t mean it was a game without drama…

Jude Fuddy threatened to cause a ruckus, Sasha revealed a shocking vision, and Nicky Fowler revelled in their usual duplicitous shenanigans…

In the team games, Jordan Mann Hunter’s THE PRIDE were runaway winners with 29 points to Ashley Sugar’s GUNZ with 14.

But Ashley’s disappointment was short lived, coming through in the end as the clear and undisputed winner of the house.

HouseMaster also garnered the plaudits, with THIS IS REALITY 2000 earning a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review from @ayoungertheatre_ who described it as “endlessly playable” and “a beautifully choreographed, interactive online game” that “shines in the age of Zoom quizzes and online hangouts.”

Thank you A Younger Theatre! We hope to see you back in the house again very soon.

East 15 playing THIS IS REALITY 2000

East 15

It all started so nicely, but things took a serious turn in the later rounds…

The animosity came from an unexpected place, as Alex Noble snapped and let loose on the other housemates with a shocking torrent of verbal abuse and accusations.

Luckily, peace was eventually returned to the house, who rewarded Jordan Mann-Hunter’s silver tongued charm with victory in the favourite housemate vote.

In the team games, The Royal Flame were clear winners, leading Mystic Maidens by 21 points to 16!

Goalball UK playing THIS IS REALITY 2000

Goalball UK

It was a game full emotional ups and downs in the @goalballuk house. Friendships were fleeting as disagreements boiled over and the dominant personalities fought for control.

Deputy Housemaster Nicky Fowler talked a big game but had to eat his words when his team GRAND ROAR failed to deliver in the tasks and Alex Noble’s FIRE overcame their internal differences to take the win.

Leslie Weedle was the initial household favourite, but constant sitting on the fence meant she squandered her early popularity... humour proved a more successful route to the crown, with Stevie Kidder coming through as eventual winner.

Please Do Not Swear playing THIS IS REALITY 2000

Please Do Not Swear

We recently hosted a hysterically funny game for the team.

There was drama aplenty - and even a brief flash of romance - as Jordan Mann-Hunter and Ashley Sugar coupled up in the hot tub… unfortunately their budding relationship had well-and-truly hit the rocks by Day 15.

There was also a bit of controversy as HouseMaster was rightfully called out for conspiracy after announcing a winner, when in fact both teams were evenly scored. Nothing gets past this group!

Frankie Peacock fought off stiff competition to take the grand prize and seemed as surprised as anyone at the victory. Congratulations, Frankie!

We’ve got some exciting news coming up relating to the Please Do Not Swear gang. In the meantime, check out their hilarious podcast for more Big Brother nostalgia!



There was no love lost between Charlie Forbes’ Atlas and Stevie Kidder’s Z.U.M.B.A Lionhearts in a manic Saturday night game.

Players took part from all over the globe, some even staying up beyond 4.30am local time to join in the madness.

A late power grab by Leslie Weedle, a shocking revelation from Jude Fuddy, and a dramatic victory performance from the transformative winner Jordan Mann-Hunter were just some of the many highlights of an eventful evening.

Charlotte's group playing THIS IS REALITY 2000

Charlotte's group

Another Victorious Viv in this game of 6 last week, despite showing clear disdain for everyone around her, Viv’s natural charm won out in the end.

Her team, Savage Sweetpea, also won the team competition. Their rivals, Chazza’s Angels, managing to match them in the Y2K quiz, but unfortunately falling short in the millennium scavenger hunt.

Better luck next time Angels!

Ivy Education playing THIS IS REALITY 2000

Ivy Education

A dramatic end of week game with Ivy Education yesterday evening.

Tensions were running high as the two factions clashed over control of the house.

After 15 days of mind games and flare ups, Viv Savage’s The Dons were pipped to the post by Nicky Fowler’s Powr 2 Us, but Viv prevailed as Housemate’s favourite, and final winner.

Viv accepted victory with the grace and reserve we’ve come to expect from her... 😬😬😬

Dan's group playing THIS IS REALITY 2000

Dan's group

Shout out to Dan and friends in Bristol for a fantastic and eventful game of THIS IS REALITY 2000 yesterday evening!

An endless stream of dad jokes (with a little help from Google perhaps 🧐) won Stevie Kidder the popular vote, but it was a close call with players making the characters, unforgettably, their own 🙌

...not so sure about Sasha’s guitar playing though 👉😬👈

See you again soon!

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