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Christopher and Dean share why they created Get Social

It matters that you're here

If you've ever been to an immersive theatre show, you might have felt, as we did, like a fish out of water. Things seem to be going on except where you are and then, when it does, it's like you're a ghost and it wouldn't matter whether you were there or not.


As actors, Christopher and Dean know the joy of being on stage, creating something new, right there, with people, and it being special and a one-off moment shared with those present.

It's all about you

We imagined a new kind of entertainment experience where audiences get to do, rather than just watch. But being centre stage can be a scary prospect, especially to anyone who isn’t a confident performer (and let’s be honest, that’s most people).


So we've made it easy. We've created a brand new, unique way of letting anyone shine: modern, vivid characters, engaging game mechanics, secret objectives and clear, simple actions to follow or interpret as you wish.

Christopher Adams Headshot

"We want to share the joy of performing with everyone, whoever you are."

Christopher Adams | Co-Founder

Reviving murder mystery

It started with a murder mystery that was not so thrilling. The host spent the entire day printing out sheets (over 300 pages!), divvying them up to people who found them impenetrable, thrown into a three hour unguided improvisation, with an unsatisfying payoff (yes, it was who you thought it was from the very beginning).


Even though the appetite was there, restrictive instructions, unclear objectives, generic characters, and an off-the-shelf backstory meant it was stilted, frustrating, and ultimately... boring.

We knew we could take the heart of this concept and do it so much better.

Our mission to create objective entertainment

As actors who trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, we decided to create our own with a simple aim... to help people connect, have fun, and escape.

We started with some basic objectives of our own. Clear, simple instructions. Against-the-clock rounds. Relevant, well-written stories. Fun, modern characters. No endless printing for the host!

"With us, everyone can create their own thrilling and hilarious entertainment to connect, have fun, and escape."

Dean Elliott | Co-Founder

Dean Headshot.jpg

Game-changing interactive experiences

Our first production, The Art of Murder, was tested in a freezing London warehouse in January 2020. As we witnessed 22 non-actor strangers overcome their initial shyness to transform into amazing and vibrant characters, we knew we were onto something special.


Unfortunately, the pandemic soon curtailed our plans for The Art of Murder - don't worry, we have big plans to bring it back bigger and better in 2021 - but we didn’t let that stop us. We created a new game designed for Zoom, set in the year 2000, and based on the best of reality TV. 


Hundreds of enthusiastic players have entered the house and played as one of 12 characters inspired by iconic moments and characters from the art form of the 21st century. They take part in challenges, votes, nominations, games and quizzes, as well as following their secret objectives and creating their own unique story. 


We've made it possible for large groups to connect in a meaningful way over Zoom - in fact, the game works best with a full house of 12... something that can't often be said for a group video call.  We've happily discovered that, even in these limited times, exhilarating and immersive experiences are still possible.


We don’t think of what we make as theatre, because it’s not about us or the performers, it’s about you and the experience you create, share, and remember.


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