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Read our reviews and testimonials from real players

An absolutely gas night in to be shared with pals. Well organized, smooth and packed full of nostalgia. A perfect millennial trip back in time!

Rob Walsh

A very much needed distraction from ‘reality’! I had a fantastic evening and loved how the whole team really got into character ☺️

Ella Devi Dabysing

This was a fun game with good old friends that I hadn't seen for ages. Entertaining, fun, crazy - something you would not expect from a Zoom Game! Loved it and will be back for more as I wanna play all these different characters!!! And I want to play it with all my friends all over the world!!! ❤️

Juri N

We had such a great evening. The guys at objective entertainment really know their reality game. Amazing entertainment. Thank you so much and we have already re booked.👍

Fiona Evans

Bizarre and hilarious experience! Perfect for those lock-down nights when the last thing you want to do is join another quiz... Big Brother IS watching.

Lotte Kendall

Played their ‘This Is Reality’ game with a group of friends. Totally original and haven’t laughed so much in ages. Would recommend as a really good option for a sociable night in.

Rob Willoughby

OE ran a great event for our office team. Although we have been working remotely, it provided a fun activity to bring the group together during these tricky times of WFH. Thank you Chris and Dean.

Alastair Delafield

THIS IS REALITY 2000 is both hilarious and nostalgic. This game is the best combination of Big Brother, X Factor and all the other TV shows we hate, yet love.


First time playing an interactive online game which was so much fun! The HouseMaster guided the group when needed. Everyone really enjoyed the characters and how they brought the game to life. Highly recommend, great for team bonding or for friends who want to get lost in 2000!!!

Ivy Education

What a brilliant and innovative way to get together with my friends over lockdown. Loved getting into character, so much fun! And what's more, it took me right back to the glory days of reality TV! We've already booked our next one, can't wait!

Peter Exley

The most fun I've had online! Objective Entertainment is the perfect cross between group participation and socialising with a wonderful bonus walk down The 2000's memory lane.

Janine Tooker

Six of us played This Is Reality 2000 on a cold dark lockdown Autumn evening - what better way to cheer us up and do something a bit different (and it's not a zoom pub quiz!) …More

Charlotte Jones

OMG! This was amazing fun! I was playing it with some good old friends that I hadn't seen for ages and WE ALL LOVED IT! Fun, creative, crazy, playful - everything you would not expect normally from online games. In this game you can go …More

Jüri Nael

Hugely entertaining experience! Would recommend to any group looking for a great night in.

John Faulkner-Willcocks

Fun evening spent in the This Is Reality house. Definitely recommend!

Dan Howatson

Loved it, really great fun! Thanks so much guys 🙌🏻🎉

Charlotte Sparey

Great company, great people. Everything was easy and just absolutely super duper duper 👍🔥

Louis Hill

Great fun, wonderful way to spend time - especially in the days of ‘rona! And post rona!

Faisal Yousif

Really fun! Would recommend

Ross Cathcart

Had such a lovely evening, great team bonding activity during lockdown!!

Pearly Sze

A fantastic evening and a splash of colour in mundane times! Loved it.

Helen Saunders

Great fun and good value! A cracking alternative to the usual office Christmas party.

Max Webb

Good fun and very original!

Chris Dan Burr

Get a group of mates together and this is how you can make the hours fly by with laughter, especially if you all can't hang out in the same space!

Jonathan Cardoza

Really funny and throwback to the Millennium!

Elspeth Spence

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