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Anyone can play any character, regardless of gender

Each has their own distinctive storyline and unique objectives to fulfil

Only one person can play each character in the game


Viv Savage, The Bigmouth

No filter, no mercy... and a monumental chip on their shoulder. Get on the wrong side of this unstoppable force and you'll get the full hairdryer treatment.


Nicky Fowler, The Snake

Pulling all the strings, this shady tactician knows how to get ahead in this world... Shame they'd sell their own grandmother to get their way.

Alex Noble, The Saint

Alex Noble, The Saint

Patient to a fault, this kind-hearted soul is always first to sacrifice themselves for the good of others... Surely no one can be this nice all the time?

Jamie Petty, the Control Freak

Jamie Petty, The Control Freak

Whether there's a job that needs doing - or not - this busybody is doing it. Rules and regulation are their religion... and other people's business.

Ashley Sugar, the Sweetheart

Ashley Sugar, The Sweetheart

A lovable ditz who just wants to have fun and make best friends for life. But if things don't go their way, get ready for the waterworks.

Frankie Peacock, the Party Animal

Frankie Peacock, The Party Animal

Known all over town for their charm, banter, and living it large...

Is there more to them than meets the eye?

Charlie Forbes, the Toff

Charlie Forbes, The Toff

Used to being waited on hand and foot, this aristocratic throwback has never seen so many commoners in one place... and one is not impressed.

Stevie Kidder, the Wisecracker

Stevie Kidder, The Wisecracker

This pun-loving joker takes nothing seriously, especially reality TV shows. No subject or housemate is off-limits for a snarky comment or witty put down.

Sasha Fortune, the Eccentric

Sasha Fortune, The Eccentric

This free spirit will never conform to expectations. They might seem peculiar...  But what if they're the only one with a grip on reality?

Jude Fuddy, the Grump

Jude Fuddy, The Grump

‘Is anyone actually going to watch this sh*t?' This moody pessimist is at the end of their tether...  But can anything melt their hard exterior?

Jordan Mann-Hunter, the Diva

Jordan Mann-Hunter, The Diva

Glamorous, confident, and born for fame and fortune, they'll be your best friend... But you'd better watch your back when the claws come out.

Leslie Weedle, the Wimp

Leslie Weedle, The Wimp

This brown-noser thinks flattery will get them everywhere. They suck up to all the big personalities, but disappear at the first sign of trouble....

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