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Join a fast-growing, exciting company that helps people connect in new ways and share unforgettable experiences.

Game Operators


We're looking for casual game operators to run and operate our new online social game THIS IS REALITY 2000 on an ad hoc basis.


The game is hosted on Zoom and is seeing increased bookings over the lockdown period, making it necessary to recruit additional operators to meet demand. The game has a running time of 2.5-3 hours and tends to take place between 7pm and 10.30pm GMT. We currently pay operators £35 per game.

At the moment, we host games for private groups and parties, corporate socials and onboarding events, and regular open themed meet-up and singles games. 


This role would suit actors and performers looking for flexible, casual work as a good sense of timing and an improvisational sensibility are useful in managing the dramatic flow of the event.


However, operators are not required to perform. Interaction with players is minimal and generally limited to technical support and offering occasional playing guidance via Zoom’s private chat function. 


Operators need to be well organised, coordinated, observant, and have the ability to follow a high concentration of specific technical instructions to ensure games run smoothly.


The role guarantees a flexible, varied, and entertaining experience and is a great way of earning some extra income from home over the coming months.


Role criteria:

  • Organised, reliable, and able to follow written instructions precisely.

  • Have access to a working laptop with strong wifi connection.

  • Observant, focused, and co-ordinated, as certain points in the game require operators to quickly juggle between multiple windows and browsers within strict time limits.

  • A good communicator, able to answer queries promptly during the game in tone.

  • Ability to communicate via Zoom chat in the role of ‘HouseMaster’.

  • A good sense of timing, and the ability to manage group concentration. Operators should be able to judge when to intervene and ‘move rounds along’ when focus is flagging.

  • Must be computer-literate. Familiarity with Zoom, Wix, Google Sheets and Slides, and Microsoft Office would be ideal.

  • A sense of humour and a positive attitude.


If successful, new operators will be required to observe a game in action and take part in an hour-long training session conducted remotely via Zoom at a mutually convenient time.

You must be self-employed, have the right to work in the UK, registered as such with HMRC and will be hired on a freelance basis rather than employed by the company.


As Objective Entertainment grows, develops new games, and eventually returns to hosting in-person events, we aim to offer more frequent, and more substantial opportunities to our operators. 


Please email us with a CV and a short covering letter (no more than one A4 page) to register your interest.

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